Summertime Premium Poultry. Grain Fed. Hormone Free. Cage Free.

Chicken Products

Chickens & Cuts

Summertime has a full range of fresh and frozen raw chicken products including whole chickens, pieces and fillets. Not only do we carry the standard range of products but we specialise in making graded, portion controlled and made to order cuts. Talk to us about your special needs. We can take the work out of your own products by providing you with fillets or pieces ready to go - be it the cut, size, thickness or shape, many of the smartest companies have come to us to take control of their costs with an accurate ready to use product.

Summertime Premium Poultry

Further Processed

A sampling of our range...

Marinated Pieces (Fresh)

  • Honey Soy
  • Buffalo

Kebabs (18 x 85gm) (Fresh)

  • Honey Soy
  • BBQ
  • Satay
  • Italian
  • Plain

Kebabs (48 x 125gm) (Frozen)

  • Honey Soy
  • BBQ
  • Satay
  • Italian
  • Plain

Gourmet Kiev's

  • Garlic Kiev

Gourmet Cordon Bleu

  • Traditional Ham & Cheese

Other Gourmet

  • Bratwurst Sausages
  • Italian Baguette (Seasonal)
  • Oven Ready Savoury Roast Chicken
  • Honey & Macadamia Family Roast
  • Traditional Family Roast
  • Tandoori Half Split Chicken
  • Mexican Half Split Chicken



Crumbed (Fresh)

  • Breast Schnitzel
  • Thigh Schnitzel
  • Southern Schnitzel
  • Lemon Pepper Schnitzel
  • Chicken Rissoles
  • Sundried Tomato Patty
  • Breast Parmigiana
  • Portuguese Burgers
  • Lemon & Herb Burgers

Crumbed (Frozen)

  • Breast Schnitzel 200gm
  • Thigh Schnitzel 200gm
  • Thigh Schnitzel 100gm

Bulk Value Added Packs (Fresh)

  • Premium Sausages
  • Premium Rissoles

Heat n Serve (Frozen)

  • Breast Nuggets
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Burgers
  • Chicken Chippys
  • Devil Wings


Summertime Premium Poultry  
Summertime Premium Poultry. Grain Fed. Hormone Free. Cage Free.