Summertime Premium Poultry. Grain Fed. Hormone Free. Cage Free.

Chicken Facts

Did you know...

No chickens in Australia are fed or administered hormones in
any way.

Testing conducted by the Commonwealth Government confirms this fact on a
regular basis.

All chickens are grain fed.

A balanced diet consisting of vitamins, minerals, protein meals such as soyabean
meal and grains including wheat, barley, sorghum and oats form the entire content
of the chicken's feed.

Chickens in the meat industry are housed in large open sheds
and are not kept in cages.

These sheds protect the birds from the elements in the same way that a chicken house would be provided by any farmer. The birds can move about freely and eat and drink as they please.

Many myths exist about how chickens are grown.

We take great care to ensure the welfare of birds and the quality and safety of our product. If you would like more information, a detailed brochure is available from our office or visit the Chicken Meat Federation of Australia website at


Posters are available outlining the above facts.

Contact us if you would like a copy to display to your customers.

Summertime Premium PoultrySummertime Premium Poultry

Summertime Premium Poultry. Grain Fed. Hormone Free. Cage Free.